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Staff Welfare: Wellness Programme

Dear all,

As part of the enhanced staff welfare, wellness program was launched in 2018. 50% of staff’s medical entitlement balance may be used for dental, optical and health examination. This year, we are pleased to extend the criteria to purchase wellness related products from our 2 new BUs, Envicare and Sahi & Well.

Please submit your outstanding 2019 medical claims by 07 January 2020, so that your respective HR department may compute your medical balance for conversion to your wellness amount.

Enclosed please find the governing policy for your reference and information.

1.         Objective

1.1       This policy provides an understanding to the newly launched staff wellness program entailing optical, dental and health examination benefits.  The administration of such claims will be submitted and processed via the Mednefits Application (“App”) which briefing sessions on the relevant functions have been previously brought to you.

1.2       The wellness program is not transferable as it aims to enhance the health and well-being of all colleagues.

2.         Policy

2.1       All eligible colleagues may utilise up to 50% of their medical entitlement to offset expenses relating to optical, dental, health examinations and approved product purchase.

2.2       All may log in, from 31 January onwards, the Wellness Wallet within the App to view their amount available to claim for wellness expenses.

2.3       There is a panel of clinics featured in the App for reference, though colleagues are free to consult from other network of choice.

2.4       For the purpose of this policy, the following wellness is claimable:

a) Health examination or Body checkup

b) Optical appliance, namely reading glasses, contact lens and sunshade / sunglasses

c) Dental treatment, typically scaling & polishing, gum treatment, extraction, denture, fillings

d) Wellness related products by Envicare and Sahi & Well

2.5       Product purchase from clinics is not eligible for claims unless it forms part of the treatment rendered by the clinic and is required to complete or take care of the treatment wholly.

2.6       Claims will be successfully accepted and processed if it

            a) bears the name of the employee        

            b) contains the full breakdown of the treatment / product / services rendered

            c) is incurred between 01 January 2020 and 31 March 2020

            d) is submitted latest by 07 April 2020

2.7       Unutilised sum will be forfeited.

3.         Procedure

3.1       Colleagues may scan the original receipt / invoice online or via the App from 01 March 2020 onwards.  All fields are to be filled up accordingly. 

            If you already have a receipt / invoice, kindly retain till 01 March for the submission.

3.2       Reimbursement will be issued together with April salary crediting.

Envicare Products for purchase*

  • Lemongrass Floor Cleaner (1000ml), $12.00

  • Neem Insect Repellent (500ml), $15.00

*Staff will be entitled to a 25% discount.

Sahi & Well Product for purchase

  • Hydrogen Water Tumbler, $109 (U.P:$159)

For further clarification, please contact your HR manager. The last date to incur the mentioned wellness services will be 30 April, and thedeadline for submitting the relevant receipt for claims will be extended to 07 May 2020.



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