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BCP Guide: Workplace

Hi all

As part of efforts for business continuity, we hereby bring you the BCP Guide for workplace.

1.  Please read the enclosed BCP Guide – Workplace carefully, and you may approach BCP committee or Flu Manager if you have any questions

2. Alternate work arrangement

As many of you are aware by now, we will practise workforce segregation to minimise physical contact with one another as much as possible for the apparent objectives.  While you are likely to have been notified of your work shift by your superior, the namelist of Team A & Team B will be published and send to you tomorrow (19 Feb).

Workforce segregation will be implemented on 20 Feb (Thursday), so all colleagues should align with one another in the work distribution prior to the implementation.

There will be strictly NO entry to office before 9.00am for Team A colleagues, and before 2.00pm for Team B colleagues; this is to cater and ensure the full course of sanitisation being carried out.  By the same token, all Team A colleagues must vacate the office no later than 1.00pm.

Once again, we acknowledge workforce segregation may impose inconvenience and impair productivity to some extent, but it is for the greater benefit of the company in totality so that business can continue in the event of the most undesirable.  The workplace can only be as safe as we make it to be; Don’t be selfish, don’t be a hero.


Jenny Ang Director, Group Corporate Services Hp: 98582881

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